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Allison Patton's School Pictures in Madison, Indiana

Picture Number 1

This school looks like Lydia Middleton Elementary School.

Picture Number 2

Grade 10B - Allison Patton - back row, 2nd from left

Picture Number 3

Grade 8 - 20 Oct 1920 - Allison Patton, back row 3rd from left

Picture Number 4

Picture Number 5

Grade 9 - 15 May 1921 "Allison 14 years old"

Picture Number 6

1885-86 Ida Scott [Eloine Patton Chesnut's grandmother]
back row seated first person on left.

Eloine also sent a list of partial names that were on the back of this school picture. She said it looked as if the picture had been trimmed, leaving some of the names cut off.

- cisco
- oig
-tt [Scott?]

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